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The end of Medibuntu

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Medibuntu is going down.

The project is not really needed nowadays, except for one package: libdvdcss. This package is now maintained by Jonathan Riddell at Blue Systems. It is available in a repository hosted by VideoLAN.

To disable the Medibuntu repository and enable the libdvdcss one, use these commands:

sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list
curl | sudo apt-key add -
echo "deb ./" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/libdvdcss.list
sudo apt-get update

If you are using Ubuntu saucy, you can also install libdvdcss using an alternative method (make sure to install/upgrade the libdvdread4 package first).

I'll keep the repository online for now, at least until the Ubuntu 13.10 release. Expect the repository to be down after that. An iso image of the current state of the repository is available.

I recommend to disable the repository if you are currently using it.

Thanks to all the persons who contributed to the project (package maintainers, servers admins, ...).

CLI pour python-gitlab

gitlab --gitlab=ol project create --name=ol-openstack --namespace_id=6 --issues_enabled=1

Et hop, un projet gitlab créé !

Comme prévu (il y a déjà un bon moment), python-gitlab est manipulable via une interface en ligne de commande. Il y a quelques améliorations à apporter sans doute, mais c'est utilisable (et utilisé, au moins par moi :))

Code et doc sur github.

Apache MultiViews on Debian Wheezy

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I've just updated the server hosting this website (and others) to Debian Wheezy. The upgrade went quite smoothly, just minor changes needed (deprecated config options for some services).

The only "problem" I faced is that the MultiViews option in Apache stopped working for php scripts (e.g. http://website/info did not display http://website/info.php). The solution I used (not sure if this is the best) was to add the following line in /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/negotiation.conf:

AddType application/x-php php

This might be helpful for someone else!

Looking for a new Medibuntu Maintainer

Due to lack of time and interest, I will stop maintaining the Medibuntu repository.

The repository will stay on line as is for a while, but will not receive updates.

Please get in touch with me (on Launchpad or here) if you want to take over maintainance and/or hosting of the frontend for and


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On s'est récemment mis en place un GitLab chez Objectif Libre, pour héberger tout un tas de trucs (code, plans/déroulés/TPs de formations, ...). GitLab fournit une API REST qui permet de manipuler pas mal d'éléments. Je me suis vite aperçu que ça pouvait être bien pratique pour gérer de manière automatisée la création de certain dépôts, ou l'inclusion des clés SSH (stockées dans le LDAP) par exemple.

Plutôt que d'y aller à coup de cURL dans les scripts, j'ai écrit un module python qui permet d'utiliser l'API.

python-gitlab est maintenant fonctionnel (je commence à l'utiliser dans nos outils), et supporte toute l'API de GitLab 4.2.

Seul python 2 est supporté pour le moment, et la seule dépendance est python-requests.

La documentation est assez légère (UTSL), les tests aussi, mais ça devrait se compléter dans les jours qui viennent.

Medibuntu news

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1. I've enabled the quantal repository this week, and just did the only required merge: libav-extra. The good news (for me) is that it requires less changes than previously. Yay.

2. The main server will be down during the (UTC) night between tuesday and wednesday. The hardware will be moved to an other data center, so the downtime will be of several hours. Mirrors will still be available, but I guess it's possible to live without medibuntu for a day.

3. Natty will be EOL'd at the end of the month.

4. Mint users can now install the repository using the same magical method than Ubuntu users. Symlinks have been added to the sources.list.d/ directory to ease the setup.

That's all Folks.

Finally using GNOME Shell

I've been using GNOME 3 with the fallback mode for a while now, and wanted to see if I could start using GNOME Shell. Almost everything worked OK for me, but I was missing 2 features from GNOME 2:

  • the dual screen behaviour (the secondary screen didn't use the workspaces)
  • the static workspaces (or virtual desktops)

The first problem can easily be fixed:

gconftool-2 --set --type boolean \
/desktop/gnome/shell/windows/workspaces_only_on_primary true

Restart gnome-shell and you're done.

The second one has been trickier to fix. My first solution was to use a set of extensions for the shell : GNOME Shell Frippery. It does the job nicely, but to get the workspace switcher I'm used to (the thingy in the panel), I had to add a second panel. Too bad, it eats space, I didn't want that.

So I adapted the code to run the switcher widget in the main panel. I've pushed the two generated extensions to my git repository, hopping that this will be useful to others. A README file in the sources describes how to install and use the extensions.

RMLL 2011

Je vais participer aux RMLL pour la première fois cette année. J'y serai sous le chapeau Objectif Libre pour donner une petite conférence sur les systèmes live personnalisés.

Ce sera l'occasion pour moi de faire le tour de ce sur quoi je travaille depuis quelques années maintenant (pour OL mais aussi pour Linutop et Framasoft).

Je passerai la journée du 13 Juillet sur le site, et j'espère y croiser du beau monde !

Medibuntu News

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Some quick news about medibuntu:

  • the natty (11.04) repository is available
  • karmic (9.10) having reached end of life, the repository will not be maintained anymore, but will still be available
  • hardy (8.04) will also reach end of life on May 12th, so the same applies for this repository

Getting involved in Medibuntu

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If you haven't heard of Medibuntu, it's probably because you are not using Ubuntu.

Medibuntu provides a package repository for some multimedia applications that can't be integrated in the official repositories due to legal problems in some countries (libdvdcss is a well known example of such software).

The project is currently maintained by Lionel Le Folgoc (aka mr_pouit), and it's not an easy job! I've tried to help the dev team now and then with a few contributions, but it wasn't quite enough. I intend to be more active from now on.

On the packaging side, I've started with ffmpeg-extra and mplayer updates for maverick (to add faac support). A bunch of packages have been removed for this release (google-earth, realplayer and gizmo, for which upstream provides deb packages or easy installation tools). The other packages seem to be in good shape and ready to be used.

I'll also handle the main server and the mirroring frontend (thanks to all the kind people who host mirrors!). Some of the mirrors have been updated, some are still behind. If you're lucky you might be able to use the maverick repo... I hope to have everything ready for the Ubuntu maverick release, but I can't guaranty that.

Some more formal announcements will probably follow in the next days.

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