Going static

 rst  pelican  website  ons 16 mars 2016

After several years of dealing with Drupal 6 I made the switch to a static site generator for this web space. Several reasons:

  • Updating Drupal is a pain
  • Switching to Drupal 7 didn't work out of the box, and I didn't want to spend days on this
  • The content editor is web/html/wiki-style based, I prefer a simple text-based editor

There's a lot of static site generators out there, I had a few criteria to help me decide which one to used:

  • Open Source
  • Possibility to write articles in RST rather than MD
  • Written in python so I can easily modify the behovior if needed
  • Theming support, and multiple themes available - HTML/CSS is not my strong suit

The tool that seemed to best fit my needs was pelican so I gave it a go, and it worked very well for what I wanted to do.

I use a couple plugins to handle the documentation pages and the sitemap.xml generation, and the theme is based on new-bootstrap2 with some simple modifications.

I now edit this web space with vim and publish with ansible, I feel at home!